Two girls and a still...Natalie, as we know, is a sparkling wine and distilling guru…Kim’s just a bit of a lush but she comes by it honestly.  Her great great grandfather Joseph E Seagram started up Seagram’s, once the world’s largest producer of alcohol, all from a still at the back of general store in Canada. Yes, her name is Seagram and although they don’t have a general store, their still is in the back of an old airport shed!  

This spirited duo has a focus on quality, wanting to produce gins that will please the palate and delight the senses not challenge or confront. Freshly harvested botanicals at the peak of their flavour are used in the blends ensuring the brightest and freshest flavours in the glass. Tasmanian botanicals foraged from around the State make this tipple unique...gin you could make nowhere else.   

Natalie’s palate and talent for blending comes into it’s own as each botanical distillation is carefully chosen for the flavour profile she knows will win hearts and minds. Each batch is hand crafted and carefully nurtured to ensure every still run meets the high standard we set for quality and consistency.